Working together, with a lot of fun

TogetherSm@rt stands for fun and collaboration, with high quality standards

This resulted in a sponsorship, in collaboration with Global Sporting Goods and G-TEC, with a youth team of football association Tsv Theole Tiel.

In the game there must be good cooperation and the team is as strong as the weakest player, the balance is essential, both in the game and at togetherSm@rt.

We wish our team a lot of fun in the new shirts.

Togethersm@rt is working together with Emmatv

Togethersm@art has entered into a partnership with Emmatv. This is a TV program for sick children.

This program is filmed from the Emma Children's Hospital in Amsterdam to put children in the spotlight.

We are very happy to be able to give something back to society in this way!

Because together you work smart.

togetherSm@rt sponsors Quadclub de Veluwse Zandhappers.

Recently, togetherSm@rt Quadclub started sponsoring the Veluwse Zandhappers.

Soon our logo will appear on the clothing and you will see us more during training sessions and competitions.

Curious about the Zandhappers?

Dream4kids has togetherSm@rt as sponsor

Togethersm@art donates to Dream4kids. This non profit organisation helps children to make their dreams come true. 

Their mission is therefore:

"Offering all children between 6 and 12 years old with a trauma a new, positive start by fulfilling their best wish during a Dream Day. Each Dream Day is tailor-made and specifically tailored to the needs, wishes and dreams of the child."

Because together you work smart.
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