Elektric scooter



Foldable scooter: With the simple folding system, the scooter is easy to carry and store. 3 Drive Modes: Change the speed level at the touch of a button to match the speed to the driving conditions and the user's skills. Dashboard and LCD screen: The scooter is easy to operate via the dashboard. Here you will find buttons for the horn and headlight to ensure driving safety. The settings, acceleration and braking can also be controlled here. You can read useful information on the LCD screen, such as the charge and battery level and the speed. Excellent performance: Lightweight scooter, environmentally friendly and easy to maneuver. The powerful 250W motor allows you to glide quickly over the road surface with a maximum speed of 30 km/h. Safety / Multi-protection: The scooter is certified according to European standards. User safety is our priority: built-in battery overload protection, motor protection control system. A super resistant battery that ensures safety while driving. In emergency situations, you can also use the rear brake in addition to the electronic front brake. Instructions for use: - Only use in dry weather. - We recommend wearing a helmet and/or safety gear when using the scooter. - Carefully read the entire instruction manual before using the scooter. Technical characteristics: Engine power: 250W Tire size: 8 inch Tire type: Solid tire Max. speed: 30 km/h Climbing capacity: 15 degrees Max load: 120kg Range Per charge: <30km (depending on body weight, road surface, wind speed and temperature) Charging time: 3-4 hours Brake type: single disc brake


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